Welcome to this Natural Common Room

What a pleasure it is to great you here, dear ordinary mortal.

Are you here with a ticket?

Are you here for a tour?

Are you here for a tutorial?

Are you here to be a trustee?

Are you here to be a volunteer?

Are you here to be a citizen-journalist?

Are you here seeking Twaklinological assistance?

If you are interested in nature and commonality, why is that?

Are you a new member of the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee?

Are you one of the newer members of the Mozarty Party?

Are you here to help with preparations for the next World Enlightenment Forum?

If you are interested in nature but not commonality, what are the reasons for your views and values in relation to such matters?

Are you not aware that this natural common room is a really green green room?

Are you not aware that this room is also the discussion chamber of the Australian Political Reform Club?

Does anyone already consider you to be an enlightened being?

If you are interested in commonality but not in nature, how have you managed to ignore science for so long?

Are you mainly seeking to purchase items from the post-consumerist gift store

If you are neither interested in nature nor commonality, what are you doing here?

Do you believe you and I have anything in common?

And how do you want to feel welcome, and why?

My name is Charlotte.  I have only popped in here briefly to find out if any new visitors are seeking my services.

Are you interested in gardening?

I am currently conducting a workshop in relation to that topic.   I love gardening.  I also love to have a healthy environment in which to garden.

Are you interested in comedy?

That is a topic to take as seriously as gardening and healthy environments.  Who considers you to have a suitably dignified sense of humour?

As you appear to be interested in commonality, I am sure you are quite likely to have a knowledgeable point of view on the subject of community.  Is that true?

You even appear to have an interest in being enlightened even if you are not an enlightened being.  What is your understanding of the topic of enlightenment?

Well, I shall take a stroll in the grounds for gracious causes now.  Will you join me?

I should be delighted to discuss such matters as gratitude and guidance with you.

Please excuse my robotic dogs. They are not dangerous.  I keep them close to me for climatological reasons.  They only bark at bigots, greedy bankers and irresponsible company executives.

I shall take the air for the sake of my perpetual legacy, just as most people do.  What is you particular interest in matters of health?

Has anyone advised you to make an appointment at the health help desk here?

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