Style Guides

To ensure everyone can feel welcome in this location, the style guides on duty throughout Villa Twaklinilkawt have been trained to be as inclusive as possible, especially when interacting with the public.

The style guides avoid being pedantic and excessively romantic, especially when being scientific.  They have obviously studied the usefulness and influence of all the other relevant style guides from around the world.

The style guides associated with Villa Twaklinilkawt know that most forms of communication can be beautified, rarefied or reified.  They also know that the singular and the plural can sometimes be confused with one another.

The style guides mainly ensure ambiguity is not mistaken for vagueness.  They therefore know the difference between the concrete and the abstract, the material and the ethereal, the predictive and the speculative, and the verifiable and the imaginative.

The style guides also know the difference between objectivity and objectification.  They know how confusions between the abstract and the concrete can lead to injustices if not carefully monitored.  They also know that presumptuousness is usually an intolerable impertinence.

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