Patronage Partnership Desk

The patronage partnership desk, here in the natural common room, is exclusively and privately situated in its own beautiful cubicle.  The cubicle is surrounded by screens, and screens of screens, in keeping with its important purpose.

Unlike the trusteeship registration desk, where the trustees and prospective trustees sit and observe everything going on in the airy open space, the patrons of Villa Twaklinilkawt and its associated entities are entitled to a more intimate yet equally refreshing climate.

The patronage space is one in which to develop a one-on-one partnership with each senior member of the patronage development team.  At the patronage partnership desk, confidential negotiations can begin. 

Genuine, serious, sensibly philanthropic potential patrons may make an appointment at this digital desk by first contacting the official Villa Twaklinilkawt communications team to make a formal request.

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