In One

Finding everything you need in one place is often difficult.  That is probably because many things you do not need are often also present in places claiming to have everything you need.

As a meeting place for common sense, common concerns, common courtesy, uncommonly lovely experiences and uncommonly uplifting enlightenment, the natural common room welcomes you.

As the new digital location of the World Enlightenment Forum, the natural common room is a place to transcend national and international problems through informed local and global action.

As the global campaign headquarters of the Mozarty Party, the world's most enlightened musical and political advocacy network, the natural common room offers many refreshing policy compositions.

As a really green green room, the natural common room offers enlightened and respectful relaxation before any potentially worthy performance.

As a meeting place for adequate action to prevent climatological catastrophes, this natural common room is where you can learn the key strategies through which to overthrow intolerable stalling techniques.

As a post-consumerist gift store, the natural common room offers a wide range of intangible collectibles.  They are the most ideal presents for persons of all ages.

Explore this natural common room

Take a tour of Villa Twaklinilkawt from this natural common room.

Register for the World Enlightenment Forum.

Learn more about the Mozarty Party.

Relax in the really green green room.

Assist the Revolutionary Climatological Needlepoint Committee.

Present policy proposals to the Australian Political Reform Club.

Find the perfect gift in the post-consumerist gift store.

Train to become an enlightened citizen-journalist. 

Find the answers you seek within the Twaklinological Bureau of Miscellaneous Expectations.

The gatehouse keepers and attendants hope you will feel at one with yourself, the universe and Reality in one place, here and now.

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