A Really Green Green Room

Regardless of your political views, a well-balanced approach to the arts, the environment, the economy and society will always be required in any location.

The natural common room in the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinikawt is a really green green room for the peaceful arts, as you may have already discovered.

Please make yourself comfortable.  Although it is a long way to the theatre's world stage from here, several ethereal horses and carriages are on standby to provide support and transport before and after you perform.  There are also two electric vehicles and several electronic devices on hand.

In homage to Mr WA Mozart, a new public presentation usually occurs in the little theatre on the 27th evening of each month, as the above may indicate to you.  Sometimes, however, the public performance occurs earlier in the day, or not at all.

There may also be public tours of the theatre from time to time.

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