Global Headquarters of the Mozarty Party

 October 2016

Welcome to the new, global headquarters of the Mozarty Party.

As you are likely to have many questions about why this natural common room is now the enlightened world centre of musical and political pleasantness, a few highly accurate answers to frequently asked questions are to be found below.

What is the mission of the Mozarty Party?

To create and maintain world peace and global prosperity through enlightened democracy, euphonious relationships and the harmonious interplay of beauty, understanding and magnificence.

What does the Mozarty Party believe?

Democracy is like beautiful music when no-one is louder ~ or quieter ~ than necessary.

Who are Mozarty Party members?

You will discover more about the Mozarty Party and its members in a little while.  You may even consider joining the party.  Digital membership is free for very nice persons everywhere.

How are Mozarty Party members involved in making decisions?

Becoming a Mozarty Party member is likely to be one of the most important decisions you will ever make, even if you already consider yourself to be a world leader.

What are the aims of the Mozarty Party?

The primary aim of the party is to ensure peacefully enlightened democracies can flourish and prosper for everyone desiring to experience them.  A secondary aim is world peace, of course, as that is likely to occur as a consequence of the party's primary aim.

How is Mozart involved in Mozarty Party activities?

That is certainly a good question you will ask yourself if you have only just arrived here in the ethereal gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt for the very first time  It is an important question for anyone to ask and answer on a regular basis, too, especially in situations perceived to be political.

How is the Mozarty Party attempting to achieve its aims?

Inclusive invitations to experience enlightenment have often been sent out into the world from Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Whether people accept those invitations, and share them with their enlightened and unenlightened friends, is their own choice. 

What is the Mozarty Party election campaign strategy?

The Mozarty Party would never support the use of force or farce, except artistically, anywhere in the world.

How is the Mozarty Party attempting to achieve political power?

As only unenlightened individuals have no desire to experience an enlightened democracy, offering everyone the opportunity to become enlightened is the first step.  The Mozarty Party attempts to achieve that aim with the presentation of policy compositions of the highest quality.

Who are you and what are your own aims and ambitions?

Whatever you are hoping to learn about the Mozarty Party will also involve learning all sorts of things about yourself, and about the world around you, and even about the strange and variable activities inside your own mind.

How do you usually learn about yourself?

What is the best way to learn more about the Mozarty Party?

You may consider attending a few of the Mozarty-style Facebook presentations with your friends and family members.

There are Mozarty-style Twitter performances to share with your friends and family from time to time.

To enlighten yourself, and everyone else, further, please note that there are elegant election campaign ethereal theatrical performances from time to time.

How else will you enlighten yourself about the Mozarty Party?

How often do you experience nature in a digital arts quarter?

How much do you know about the work of the servants of art and nature?  Are you such a servant yourself?

What has inspired you around the gardens?

Have you ever heard anything wonderful at the door of the music room in Villa Twaklinilkawt?

Have you ever participated in the deliberations on enlightened policies here in this natural common room?

Have you ever spent much time relaxing and reflecting in the gardens of the imagination?

Have you regularly spent time participating in a global gathering for peaceful leadership?

Have you ever thought about starting again at the beginning?

Have you ever contributed to the activities of the Enlightened Nations?

Have you ever considered Mozart as a peace symbol?

Have you ever attained observer status at the Enlightened Nations?

Have you ever studied the introductory training manual for enlightened peace?

Have you ever reflected on the fact that privacy is peace and freedom?

Have you ever had financial peace of mind?

Have you ever read any literature for peace?

Have you assessed what is strictly confidential by law?

Have you ensured you have understood the relationship between mental health and peace?

What is the best way to support the Mozarty Party?

That is very much up to you.  What can you offer?

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