Monday, 13 March 2017

An Enlightened Approach to Deliberative Democracy - Part Eight Continued

Unlike electoral democracy, which is often a form of protest, much like referendums, an enlightened approach to deliberative democracy is about the practical expression of a better world.

People protest when they perceive unfairness, incompetence and especially corruption.  In many societies, protest is suppressed.  As a consequence, unfairness, incompetence and especially corruption tend to flourish in those societies.

Enlightened leaders encourage reasonable expressions of dissent.

Unenlightened leaders do not know the meaning of reasonableness.

Through an enlightened approach to deliberative democracy, everyone is given the opportunity to train to be an enlightened leader.  In fact, you are being given that opportunity right at this very moment.

When and where did you register to partake in these online tutorials?

How are you preventing yourself from being indoctrinated by unenlightened points of view?

How have you formed your opinions about acceptable and unacceptable activities?

What are the main features of your enlightened leadership?

How have you prevented yourself from being indoctrinated into a narrow and possibly dangerous way of thinking?

Where and how do you express your freedom?

Do you have the freedom to be ignorant?

Do you have the freedom to have fun?

Do you have the freedom to think?

Do you have the freedom to be yourself?

Do you have the freedom to blend in with the crowd?

Does anyone think you stand out from the crowd in a particularly unusual way?

Do you sometimes feel you are going around in circles?

Looking to history again, it is always wise to remember some events more than others. But how well do you manage and maintain your memory?

As today is a public holiday in Adelaide, for a horse race of all things, it appears to be an official and traditional inducement to gamble away time and money.  In that way, it has much in common with many election campaigns.

Yet playfulness and creativity in themselves do not require anyone to spend money directly, not even on a ticket to an event.

While you are participating in this free tutorial, has anyone asked to see your ticket?

You may prefer to sing a few relatively simple songs and skip around in a circle somewhere with a few friends today, or this evening.  That is your choice, of course.  No-one here would prevent you from making your own informed decisions.

How do you reflect upon the choices you have made through the years and seasons of your existence?

How do you open your mind to different ways of life and different points of view?

And where do you find people who think similarly to yourself?

An enlightened approach to deliberative democracy can only occur when people are willing to reflect upon a wide range of points of view, and experiences of life.

Why are so many people unwilling, or afraid, to do that?

There is always the matter of privacy to consider in an informed and respectful way.

It would also be a good idea if everyone could consider ways to boost their own self-confidence, courage and sense of belonging, but not to overdo it.

Then there is gratitude, appreciation and an awareness of fortune and misfortune. How much of your household income will be spent on food this year?

And art and privilege and science and talent and civic participation should never be forgotten.

When people think the latest news is all there is to the truth, how can intelligent public deliberations occur?

Who is willing to examine long-term trends rather than the latest fads and fashions?

What is relevant to the lives of the poor as well as the rich and the semi-affluent?

What is natural and what is not?

Wherever you live in the world, and whatever your current situation, you are sowing the seeds of future shared experiences.

What sorts of experiences are you making?

How will you compare your creative efforts across time and space?

What is an enlightened approach to childhood?

What is an enlightened approach to old age?

What is an enlightened approach to the years in between?

Why should policy deliberations consider such questions?

How will today's events in your local vicinity affect you?

How do recent and ongoing tragedies in other parts of the world indirectly affect you?

Who is setting the agenda for your consciousness and conscience to be aroused?

Why do you allow those persons to do that?

Whose opinions do you ignore, and why?

When do you feel most powerful?

When do you feel most powerless?

On behalf of the Adelaide Adagia Ensemble, Nannerl Mozart will be reporting on events in Adelaide this evening, particularly in relation to political communication.  Queen Charlotte and her daughters have offered to assist.

Queen Charlotte has already asked the South Australian police to be on the lookout for a Nannerl lookalike using coarse language.  If you locate the individual, please contact the authorities immediately.  Nannerl has already been unfairly accused of using vulgar expressions in public.  She is, of course, astonished that anyone could suggest such a thing.

Apparently the impostor has the ambition of becoming a singer.  She has even been known to shout about it in the middle of sporting stadiums.

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