Wednesday, 12 October 2016

What is Sustainable?

Is the only thing truly sustainable likely to be the Republic of Nature?

Are volunteering opportunities sustainable?

Is preventing waste sustainable?

By gaining enlightenment from the archives in and around Villa Twaklinilkawt, it becomes possible to learn the basis of sustainable communities.  From that knowledge, values can be upheld in relation to the news priorities required to uncover secrets, protect privacy and prevent corruption, incompetence, obfuscation and obscurantism.

If you believe in the possibility of a sustainably peaceful and prosperous world, how do you put that into practice?

in your view, can real art save the world?

There are many different views about sustainability, in relation to all sorts of different subjects.  Yet where is the truth?

If it is possible to protect a sustainable, peaceful environment in which human life and human relationships can thrive, then overcoming egocentrism is likely to be a priority.

How do you transcend conflict justifiably and resolve it through peaceful arts?

What are a few examples of literature for peace?

When thinking about unsustainable societies, do you consider census processes, birthdays and peace at all?

What are the main features of a sustainable society?

What is a self-sustaining system in nature and/or culture?

Have you thought about such matters above the editorial orchards?

How do you sustain your creativity?

You may have thought about your imagination, for example, whilst enjoying a few days and nights in a creativity cabin.

Do you believe sustainable peace is possible?

Update: December 2016

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If you have attended the serene salon for world peace, and the introductory tutorials associated with that salon, you will have been asked whether you believe peace to be sustainable.

You may have been in discussions, from time to time, in relation to the sustainability of traditions.  What is a traditional way of viewing the world?  What is a traditional way of interacting with nature?  What is a traditional approach to human relationships?  What is a traditional approach to professions?

What is a sustainable profession, and why?  How should scientists and artists approach ideas about traditions, sustainability and reality?  When is one person's idea of offensiveness another person's idea of truth?

What is sustainable about reputations, and why?  And what is not sustainable in relation to a reputation?

How sustainable would you consider it to be to volunteer for peace?

How sustainable are the real economy and genuine care?

How viable and sustainable are your ideas about cultural reproduction and cultural change?

When interacting with nature through voluntary activities, preferably with the prevention of waste and the enhancement of a peaceful approach to living, it may become possible to assist the 21st century Enlightenment through lifelong, self-motivated learning and sustainable fairness.  This can only be achieved through a fair and reasonable approach to politics and true philanthropy.

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