Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Servants of Art and Nature

The volunteers in Villa Twaklinilkawt are primarily considered to be servants of art and nature.  Do you have an interest in volunteering here?

Through this natural common room, in the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt, information about many of the enlightening opportunities for volunteering are displayed:

As you may have noticed

Respecting your own privacy

A review of this (earlier) month in the natural common room

Enough extension and expansion

Volunteering opportunities

Nature in a digital arts quarter

One of the locations in which enlightenment can usually be located is a library, especially a library called a library of enlightenment.  An enlightened library is most likely to include:

The catalogue

The volunteers

The antechamber

The distinguished senior editors

The celebrity thinkers

A few quiet rooms for a writer

Update: December 2016

Please note that the information and links in the following paragraphs are exclusively for the registered patrons wishing to commence their training here as registered volunteers in the service of art and nature.  For further details, please visit the tutorial registration desk.

If you are a writer, and even if you are not, how are you serving art and nature through your work?

To assist the servants of art and nature further, there are many tutorials offered from and within Villa Twaklinilkawt, including this one:

With humour

The servants of art and nature in Villa Twaklinilkawt are often described simply  as servants of art once they start their training in the service wing.  Have you begun your training there already?

Responsible investments

Preventing occupational stress

Purple budgets

Freedom, fairness, funding, weak economies and real jobs

Confidentiality agreements, trade secrets and unfair contracts

Essential economic skills

Symbiotic marketing

Volunteering, as a supplement to paid employment, formal education, the search for a job or an otherwise boring retirement, can take many forms, both online and in the wider world.  How do you reflect on the place of volunteering in your own life?

Here are a few additional items to reflect upon:

The employment revolution
Musical silver snuff boxes and good economic policies

Vanity unfair

Role over

A broader perspective

Political diaphaneity

How do you usually reflect on the political aspects of your volunteering?

What do you usually do, whether paid or unpaid, in the service of art and nature?

To be a true servant of art and nature obviously requires the efficient management of time, the thorough accumulation of knowledge and skills, and a deeper consciousness of all sorts of attitudes, emotions and values.

If at all possible, do examine the following:

Non-evanescent employment

Ahoy there dear matey

Mozarty holidays


Know your Candide dates

Once you are fully conversant with the voluntary duties of a servant of art and nature, you may wish to train to become an official servant of enlightenment.

What do you believe that training should include?

What do you think a servant of enlightenment should do?

Here are a few essential references:

Mere mortals

Bastions and belvederes

An enlightened economy

Enlightened professors

The lady with shallots

The grand finale

Volunteering should always be enlightening.  It should also be enjoyable, either during the experience or afterwards.  The enjoyment of doing something worthwhile provides satisfaction in an otherwise unsatisfactory existence.  Enlightenment is always worthwhile.

You may wish to enlighten yourself further, on a voluntary basis, with the following items:

Recipes for success

Weddings a la mode

Proper holidays

Interconnections and a suitably gentle form of journalism

Understanding the material world

How to save a fortune

Maid in Australia

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