Monday, 22 August 2016

More Training for Relatively Enlightened Volunteers

Volunteering is a good way for anyone to test their skills and find their talents.

Anyone claiming to be without the time to volunteer, or the money to live on whilst doing so, will obviously require additional training in order to overcome their alleged difficulties.

Successful servants of art and nature already know how to improve their own lives.  That is why they are then able to develop their skills further by training to be servants of enlightenment.

More training is later available to those servants, through the voluntary service they supply towards making the world a better place.  Those relatively enlightened volunteers have expert knowledge of the comedy of the commons.

Each relatively enlightened volunteer will, from time to time, be a guest on the Planet Earth Comedy Show.  Such experiences are likely to lead to many interesting possibilities, occasionally including those involving paid employment.

Update: December 2016

Many of the links below are now only accessible to staff members, registered volunteers and patrons.  If you already consider yourself to be one of our relatively enlightened volunteers, here are a few questions with which to test yourself:

1. What is the relationship between employment opportunities and you?

2. How often have you searched for interesting volunteering opportunities?

3. In relation to your knowledge, skills, social relationships and other forms of wealth, what have been your most healthy acquisitions?

4. How do you usually express commonality and privacy?

5. What, in your experience, is all very exciting?

6. How do you volunteer in relation to heritage matters?

7. How do you make the best use of your time whilst awaiting news?

8. What did you do after receiving early notice of the 2017 World Enlightenment Forum?

9. How do you maintain an adequately elegant profile?

10. How do you usually experience nature in a digital arts quarter?

11. What do you understand about clocks, locks and Mr Locke?

12. How are you helping the servants of art and nature to become more enlightened?

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