Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Early Notice of the 2017 World Enlightenment Forum

Please note that this natural common room is likely to be the main digital venue for the next World Enlightenment Forum.

Potential digital delegates are already invited to register.

The organising committee requires a full yet succinct explanation of each person's interest in participating in the forum.  How do you usually attempt to make the world a better place than it would be without you?

The first ever World Enlightenment Forum took place in London on 22 January 1689.  The agenda had been drawn up by John Locke several years earlier.

For the 1689 World Enlightenment Forum, all participants were secretively invited to arrive in Westminster Hall just before sunrise.  Within twenty minutes, the entire business of the forum was completed as all the proposals had quickly and unanimous been concluded in the affirmative.

Until very recently, all participants in the World Enlightenment Forum have been sworn to secrecy about many of its aspects, including its agenda, participants  and conclusions.  More details of the history of the World Enlightenment Forum are likely to be made known to participants, here in the natural common room, during next year's event.

It is only since 2011 that a carefully selected media contingent has been invited to observe a few aspects of the World Enlightenment Forum.  Ordinary members of the media are still not invited, mostly because they are relatively unenlightened and therefore untrustworthy.

Between 1837 and 2011, the forum occurred in a variety of secret locations in and near Adelaide in Australia.  The event has gradually become more inclusive and less secretive.

Since 2014, the World Enlightenment Forum has taken place mainly in Villa Twaklinilkawt in the digital arts quarter of Adelaide, an area also known as the Adelaidezone.  You will probably already know that this natural common room is situated in the gatehouse of Villa Twaklinilkawt.

You may consider it to be just a coincidence that the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting takes place in Davos in Switzerland at exactly the same time as the World Enlightenment Forum in Adelaide.  The dates of both events next year, therefore, are also likely to be the same.

What do you intend to be doing from 17-20 January 2017, and what will be on your agenda?

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