Wednesday, 22 June 2016

A Guest on the Planet Earth Comedy Show

An understanding of comedy is particularly necessary if your intention is to spend some time relaxing in the guest wing of Villa Twaklinilkawt.  Do you ever consider yourself to be a guest on and of planet Earth?

The purpose of the guest wing is to provide relaxation in private.  The purpose of this natural common room is to provide relaxation communally.

Tension is frequently caused by the unintentional absurdist humour commonly observed in the world.  That is mainly why any sensible person would seek to escape from all sorts of non-voluntary absurdist situations. 

Enlightening forms of comedy have an important, subversive, satirical purpose.  They are an antidote to oppression, corruption, tyranny, blandness, mediocrity, tragedy, fear, anger, manipulation, pomposity, self-pity and excessive seriousness.

Intentional absurdist humour can involve satirical ways to overcome hubris and corruption, by clearly distinguishing between the sublime and the ridiculous.  There is always something ridiculous to discover about ill-mannered, absurd persons.

As a guest on the Planet Earth Comedy Show, you will be required to write  much of the part of your character and improvise considerably during each performance.  It with therefore either be a Realist role or a Nonsense one.

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